Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jayne's first day of Pre-school

Well, Jayne was up and ready to go to Preschool this morning. She was being very brave. She looks so grown up. Julia was there to cheer her on. She has a new teacher and a new room this year. It is her last year before going to Kindergarten next year. In the class room she was greeted by her friends Daniel, and Luke. We found her name and crayons. Snack was going to start. She was a little sad when we had to leave but we know that she will have fun.

Tomorrow James begins his adventure as a seventh grader and Julia as a fourth grader.. See you then. Have a good day.


sue said...

jayne looks so cute for her first day!

diana said...

How cute is she!!!
Love the name tag on the table, such a big girl.