Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not even a sudden thunderstorm could keep me from getting on a bus and going into NYC for Hall and Oats!!!

Sue and I went to see Hall and Oats at the Nokia Theatre in NYC tonight. We started out in Ridgewood and went on a bus to Port Authority and walked to the theater.

Yes it was raining.

Daryl and John came on stage at 8:30. We were in the standing floor seats. We were only about 3 people deep from the stage.

We heard a lot of favorites, Say it isn't so, I cant go for that, One on one, Rich Girl, She's gone, Wait for me, just to name a few.

We were even able to purchase a cd of tonight's concert. I think I heard us (or maybe it was just me!).

It was a very good show.


Anonymous said...

awesome, they are worth being rained on.... Would love to hear the cd. Love H&O woohoo!!!

sue said...

too much fun! the CD is really great, a crisp and clear recording.
let's go back again tonight!!!