Monday, March 19, 2007

A little bit of everything.

Here are some awesome pages from
a very good friend and scrapper.
Thanks Sue for sharing. Your
pages are so much fun and
the boys are cute.

On my way to work this afternoon, my cell phone rings. On the other end is this low, sad, sickly sounding eleven and a half year old. "Mom, I have a head ache and my stomach hurts and could you come and get me?" Well how to you say no to that. So here he is trying to fight off
the chill while watching videos on youtube.
Here are the twin girls. They are all about getting along lately. Hey, I'll take it anyway I can.

Here is the scene outside our front door. It is puzzling to think about who, when and why someone would only walk half way up our front yard, HUMMM!


sue said...

thanks Lenee, for my 5 seconds of fame :)
the girls look so cute together with their new haircuts. and poor james, i hope he feels better soon!

Diana said...

Poor James, looks like he is doing his best to look even sicker than he is. Such a GUY! Love it.