Sunday, March 4, 2007

What a fun Sunday, This is Julia modeling her newly self knitted hat, that was made at her best friend Jon's house. She was so proud and looked so stinking cute. I love the pom-poms the best. What a good job Julia.

Jayne and I made cookies today, we opened up the mix added 1 and a half sticks of melted butter and mixed it up. After baking we added large chocolate chips to each cookie. She like the making process of these cookies not so much eating them. Thats where I come in.

James roller hockey team had a second stage of the semi-finals today. He is the goalie. It was colder today then it has been. The team they played against earlier in the season was tough. James had a shut-out against them but they won the second time they met.

Today's score was 3-2, won in overtime.
Oh, yeah we WON!!!! They will be going to the championships, YEAH.

I am looking forward to a quiet evening, maybe watching a movie, knitting and making cards. I will post photos possibly tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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